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If you have a child or loved one living with pancreatitis, have received a diagnosis of pancreatitis, or think your child may have pancreatitis; you have come to the right place. Pancreatitis is rare in children, but it does exist. There are a few known causes including trauma to the pancreas and hereditary (genetic) dispositions.

Families living with childhood pancreatitis may experience varying degrees of emotional stress including, disbelief, grief, anger, hopelessness and guilt just to name a few. In many cases a child may not be diagnosed for years, or until they are an adult. They may have had surgery to remove their gall bladder or appendix in an effort to stop the pain. It isn’t your fault. It isn’t your child’s fault. It isn’t your pediatrician’s fault.

Pancreatitis is rare in children and often is hard to diagnose.

But there is hope! Here you will find stories of children who are living with pancreatitis and working with physicians to enhance the quality of their life. You will find stories of children who have had dramatic results from various treatments such as the Total Pancreatectomy and Islet Cell Transplant (TP/AIT). And within these pages you will find support, specialists and a way to enhance the quality of life for your child.

We want you to know you are not alone. We get it! Thank you for visiting and please make yourself at home.

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